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Top 5 Reasons Why Women Cheat in a Relationship

Cheating in relationships involves both men and women. Ideally, there is a generalization that it is normal for men to cheat while women should not even dream about cheating on their partners. Studies have shown that women cheat on their love partners as much as men do. Typical research on this issue is the work done by Alicia Walker titled The Secret Life of the Cheating Wife.

Both parties in a relationship are likely to cheat on their partners. A woman cheating in an intimate relationship is a significant concern to society. In this short essay, we give some five reasons why women may cheat on their partners.

Emotional starvation

Women are more sensitive than men are. Whenever they feel emotionally starved, they may resort to cheating on their partners to get some company. Some may even opt for teenage sex doll to quench their sexual thirsts. If someone feels emotionally unfulfilled in a relationship, they are likely to cheat on their partners. Women seek emotional attachment elsewhere if their partner makes them feel lonely.

Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem is a significant reason why most women cheat on their partners. A woman with low self-esteem can stray because she is carried away by pressure and false intimacy from other people. Also, if a woman feels depressed about their life or current situation, it is easy for them to cheat on their partners. For example, if you are feeling low and someone compliments you or shows some interest in you, it can be easy to start a new relationship with them.

Search for happiness

Most serial cheating women do so because they like having fun. Women can seek thrill by cheating on their partners, especially during their lowest moments. They cheat when they are looking for something unique in other partners that thrill them and make them feel the excitement. Women want to feel appreciated and desired by their partners, and they can turn their heads elsewhere if they miss happiness in their current relationship.

Sexually fulfillment

Sex can be another reason for a woman to cheat on their partners. If a woman is not satisfied sexually in their current relationship, she may not opt for expensive huge bbw love doll but someone to give them what they are missing in their relationship. It means partners in intimate relationships should not ignore their sexual obligations if they intend to stop their women from cheating.

Feeling angry

Women find some relief in cheating on their partners if they find out that their partners are cheating too. The feeling of bitterness and anger on realizing that your partner is cheating may be painful to fight. Women cheat on their partners as a sign of revenge on a cheating partner. They do so whether they love their partners or not.


Cheating is a significant problem that most partners face in relationships. Whenever you feel like cheating on your partner, buying a sex toy from can save you the risks involved in cheating. Talk with your partner about your sexual health, whenever you feel sexually deprived and detached. This way, you can remedy your dying relationship and erase your desires to cheat on your partner.

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Sex is an important of becoming a complete person. Unfortunately, most people only experience very shallow sexual pleasure. It’s all about just orgasming so that certain body secretions come out. That is basic. That’s like saying that the highest form of eating is to put food in your mouth. Of course, the highest form of eating would be to go to Paris, France and eat food prepared by five-star Michelin chefs.

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If you’re trying to make heads or tails of the typical free fucking sites you joined, welcome to the club. Most guys who join a simple and easy free fuck site often found themselves way over their heads. It seems like all the other dudes on those websites are fucking except for you.

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Stop comparing yourself to others and focus more on selling yourself. This is where you will make tremendous headway. You have to understand that online dating whether the wholesome traditional way or nasty, kinky, adult anonymous sex type, all involves selling. You have to sell yourself because sales is really getting people to do what they normally would not do. It’s all about persuasion. It’s all about seduction.

Unfortunately, most people are not very excited about selling. They think it’s beneath them. They think they just don’t have what it takes. That’s complete and total bullshit. The truth is, if you have a great product, you will be able to sell it by simply understanding that product and getting into the heads of people who have a need of that product. Pretty straightforward, this is Salesmanship 101. So if you want to effectively sell yourself on the free fucking sites that you joined, pay attention to the following.

Focus on your unique selling proposition

Everybody has a unique selling proposition. I don’t care if you look like the dude from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I don’t care if you are missing one leg or missing one eye, you will always have something of value. Maybe it’s your laugh. Maybe it’s your sense of humor. Maybe you tell great stories. Maybe you’re a very creative person. Whatever it is, you have something that is unique to you and that is your unique selling proposition.

Don’t hide that shit under a bowl. Let it shine to the greater world and be proud of who you are. That’s what you have to offer. That’s what you have to bring to the table. There’s no shame in that game. Allow yourself to be confident about you’re unique selling proposition.

Communicate in a compassionate way

Now that you have an idea about the personal traits that you can feel proud about, you have to communicate your pride in the right way. A lot of guys think that if they have an 18-inch cock, 10 million dollars in the back, a Ferrari, then that’s all they need to talk about. They feel that it’s some sort of mantra that they just keep repeating, repeating, and repeating until pussy, all of a sudden, magically appears.

Of course, that doesn’t work that way. Life is not a script to a porno movie. Life doesn’t work that way. You have to communicate the benefits you bring to the table in such a way that speaks peoples’ needs. As expert sales people kept telling me throughout the years again and again: to get what you want, you have to first give people what they need. Focus on their needs. Pay attention to what they need and how you can craft or position your unique selling proposition in a way that addresses their needs.

As the old saying goes, people won’t care about what you know unless they know you care. The same applies to basic persuasion. People don’t give a rat’s ass bout how badass you are. All they care about is whether you can solve their issue. Do you bring something tangible to the table as far as their needs are concerned? If you’re able to bridge this gap and concern then you have become very, very persuasive indeed.

It’s all about personal connections

Have you ever noticed that sales people oftentimes mimic your words when you’re talking to them? Have you ever noticed that sometimes, sales people would copy or do certain mannerisms or gestures you have? This is not an accident. They’re not mocking you. They’re not fucking around with you. They’re trying to sell you.

You see, when you interact with people who talk about the same things you talk about and say the same things in pretty much the same way, you cannot help but identify with them. You cannot help but like them. Why? People like other people who are similar to them. The world can be a hostile place so when we interact with people that we see eye to eye with, we rather stick with those people because they provide us comfort.

Create comfort by proving a sense of familiarity. How do you do this? Strategically mimic the woman you’re trying to communicate with. At worst, she would feel that you are neutral. At best, you get inside those panties.

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